OMG, I made it to the end of trilogy with only a couple (yeah, right!) of tears!  It's always an emotional time, finishing a book, because so much time is invested in the lives of the characters, that suddenly there is a big hole where they were.  I'm glad I've got the promo's for Ivory to do because I'm not quite ready to let go of Alice and Lucien!


Ivory is now on pre-order and I'm planning a launch party to celebrate the trilogy (and my sixth book!)

27th November, 7.30pm

Venue TBC

If you would like to be party of this celebration, drop me an email





I'm working hard on the final book in The Addison-Ross Saga.  The novel will be called Ivory and I'm aiming for an autumn release so watch this space....

Aside from my Summer Promotions (see the home page), I'm planning a fairly lazy summer, I need it after a manic first half to the year - I completed two novels and held two creative writing courses locally, so chilling out is top of the agenda!

I'll be popping up on social media so keep your eye on my pages for info and competitions.

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