KJ Newman

Erotic Romance for readers over the age of 18

"This book is so hot, you'll need a ice bath to recover!" Review of RED

"Red is the new Grey!" Amazon reader review

"Steaming hot novel with a feisty lead and a seriously alpha male...what's not to love? Amazon reader review

The Addison-Ross Saga (not suitable for readers under the age of 18 due to content)

Red Book Cover.jpg

Red  - Book One in the Addison-Ross Saga

When Alice Addison is made redundant from her dream job, she reluctantly agrees to be a temporary PA for the enigmatic businessman, Lucien Ross. 

Lucien is everything Alice dislikes—rude, demanding and intimidating—but as she begins to fall under his spell,

Alice finds her deepest desires awaken.

The more Lucien warns Alice to keep her distance, the more she craves him, but Lucien is a man with demons and Alice is haunted by the secret he keeps.

Can Lucien open up to Alice or will his past be their


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Blush - Book Two in the Addison-Ross Saga

Time was supposed to heal her broken heart, but Alice Addison is still haunted by the memories of her encounter with Lucien Ross.  Fighting to forget him, she throws herself into making her  business successful and when a new romance beckons, Alice is hopeful that she will finally move on.  Her world is rocked when Lucien crashes back into her life and Alice discovers that want and desire are two very different things.


Lucien Ross longs to forget.  Forget his past, forget his mistakes and forget Alice.  He is a man haunted by the demons that hold onto him tightly.  The harder they grip the more Lucien loses himself in whiskey and women, falling further into a darkness that won’t let him go.  When he is handed a key to his past and sees the chance for forgiveness, Lucien must find the strength to face his demons.  He needs Alice to be by his side, but she has a new life and he may be too late…

Ivory Cover.jpg

Ivory - Book Three in The Addison-Ross Saga

Since the fatal accident that had torn his family apart, Lucien Ross has longed to know the truth about the events that changed his life irrevocably. For a decade he kept himself locked away, hiding behind bad choices to silence his demons, vowing to never feel anything for anyone again. It all changed the day he met Alice Addison, but Lucien must now decide if trusting Alice is worth the risk of losing everything.

Alice Addison fears the demons that keep Lucien’s soul prisoner. She longs to free him from their grip and have the future she’s dreamed of, but the more she leads Lucien towards the light, the more the past grips him tightly, until Alice has to make a choice. She is the one who can find the answers that Lucien seeks, but the stakes are high and in unravelling the past, Alice could lose the future she so desperately wants.